How Many Likes Are Enough?

April 10, 2015 11:00 PM

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How Many Likes Are Enough?

As a therapist who enjoys writing, several years ago I decided to hop on the blogging bandwagon. Having received a moderate number of likes and positive feedback, it seemed for a while that nobody was worse for the wear and maybe a few people even benefited. Then came the day when one of my blogs seemed to strike a chord. A friend called me first thing in the morning and excitedly said, "You have thousands of likes on your new blog and they are increasing by the minute!" "That's great," I said. "But maybe the counter is broken!" So, with a little bounce in my step, I headed over to my computer and sure enough, the "likes" were on a roll. Cool, I thought. After all, who doesn't like to be liked?

Although some may refer to us as the Like Generation, wanting approval is nothing new. It's human nature to hunger for praise. As babies, we crave the "oohs" we receive when our parents are pleased. As young kids, we feel gratified when we hear "Great job!" As teens, we long for the constant approva...

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