Man Climbs with Gecko-Inspired Pads

November 20, 2014 6:56 PM

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Scientists have been inspired for years by geckos and the many ways that they can cling to practically any surface. Geckos have such great abilities to climb and latch on to surfaces like glass and even metal. Scientists wanted to recreate this ability. They decided to create an adhesive that allows humans the ability to climb a glass wall. This adhesive was added to pads that are made with synthetic materials. These pads will help humans with the efficiency that is necessary to scale a glass wall much like that of a gecko. The pads enabled a man who weighed about 159 pounds to scale and stick to a glass wall.

The military has created a much similar way to scale and stick to walls and they were even able to get a 218 pound man to cling to the wall. All of these different inventions look at the great abilities of the gecko and its persistence. We as humans will never be able to fully recreate the gecko’s a...

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