Male Chimps, Being Coercer Gets You Laid

November 14, 2014 10:36 PM

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Male Chimps, Being Coercer Gets You Laid

In the world of humans, sexual violence is among the couple of globally chastised behaviors one can keep in. When it comes to the chimpanzee world, the scenario is different. Arizona State scientists have seen violence from male chimpanzees towards female, and also have come to the conclusion that it proceeds as a kind of sexual coercion. Even weirder, long-term sustained violence escort female chimpanzees to positively look for the violent males as mating partners throughout peak fertility.

Ian Gilby, an assistant professor at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and Research affiliate with the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University stated, “This signifies that males, particularly those of high rank, effectively use a technique of long-term sexual bullying.”

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