How to Make Mistakes, and Recover From Them, Like a #BOSS

April 24, 2015 8:17 PM

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There are three things that have the potential to really irritate me on a daily basis: unexpected plot twists on Grey's Anatomy, people showing way too much PDA on the subway, and making mistakes. It's human, and everyone does it, but I swear making mistakes drives me to Death Cab for Cutie-induced mopiness and a cupcake-eating frenzy! If making mistakes and being totally an imperfect human was an Olympic sport, I'd be Bruce Jenner!

1. Get honest I admit it -- I used to have what my grandma used to call the "Pinocchio Problem." An avid literature lover, she obviously meant this metaphorically, but it stuck with me. When I was younger, I always associated making mistakes with getting in trouble, so when someone would confront me...

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