Make Meditation a Habit to Improve Your Life

April 8, 2015 8:42 PM

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I wasn't really into it at first. Meditation was hard. It required sitting and quieting my mind, neither of which I was very good at when I first got sober. Honestly, a 30-minute meditation session felt like some sort of torture for someone with a mind like mine. However, it was only a very short time before I started being able to sit longer and being more comfortable when I did. Now, I have begun to learn that there are more benefits to meditation than we were aware of.

Goyal and his colleagues found that so-called "mindfulness meditation" -- a form of Buddhist self-awareness designed to focus precise, nonjudgmental attention to the moment at hand -- also showed promise in alleviating some pain symptoms as well as stress. The findings held even as the researchers c...

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