Madonna Hates Ageism But Gets Photoshopped On Rolling Stone Cover

February 25, 2015 8:30 PM

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Dear people of color, LGBTQ folks, and anybody else who’s ever experienced discrimination: your experiences pale in comparison to Madonna‘s. At least, according to her. Oh, Madonna, you are so fascinatingly out of touch sometimes. Actually, in this case, it goes beyond being oblivious and veers into the territory of deliberate ignorance. In Madonna’s recent interview with Rolling Stone for its March issue, she comes off so self-aggrandizing while simultaneously playing the world’s biggest victim as she rambles about what a poor little unique artist she is. Honestly, it’s amazing that RS even published it…particularly when you consider how insanely airbrushed her cover photo is.

Obviously, she is absolutely gorgeous. She has great skin and lovely features and wears makeup excellently. However, she does not still look like that cover. I cannot verify when that photo was taken, but seriously.

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