Madonna Alert: Desperately Seeking Attention

December 8, 2014 8:09 PM

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As we all have probably noticed, there's a lot of stripping going on in the news, exposing big behinds, flat chests, pregnant bellies, etc. So, where is Madonna hiding? That's what I had been thinking -- there was no way she would leave the field of rapidly growing gangs of exhibitionists to untrained youngsters. Before I could even finish imagining another year without Madonna busting the scene, there she was on and in the new Interview Magazine, chatting about this and that.

And of course, since this is "Madonna Time," there was the ubiquitous spread of over-stylized semi-nudies, deemed provocative, but resembling more a glossy catalogue of an older courtesan who is afraid of losing her patrons. So somehow, this is almost a sad story -- not of victory, but of defeat.

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