'Madam Secretary': Cheesecake, doomsday and doggie daycare

March 31, 2015 6:09 PM

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This Sunday's episode of Madam Secretary opens with Bess killing it at a fundraising dinner with a funny speech penned by Matt who is sweating it out as he waits to see if his jokes land or bomb. They land. We get a little taste of what Bess has to face on her way off the stage when one person tells her she's even funnier than Condi, who was almost as funny as a man. I confess to a moment of sadness that Bess doesn't knee the guy in the groin.

Bess' gauntlet is not yet completely run. Before she can get to the piece of cheesecake that Blake (Blake! I need a Blake!) has saved for her, she's accosted by a Mr. Coomer. Mr. Coomer says Congressman Larry Ames sent him to Bess to tell her about a large group of Americans who have followed Rev. W...

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