'Madam Secretary': Blake saves the day, again

April 6, 2015 10:40 PM

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We open with Bess and Henry at their horse farm in Vermont. At least, I think it's Vermont. It's certainly snowy the way I picture Vermont. Henry's on a ladder doing something complicated to the roof or the gutters. Bess tells him that if men knew how sexy women find them when they're fixing things, they'd never do anything else. She also tells him that the kids are out on a horseback ride until dark and offers to help warm up his hands. Le sigh. After the heavy things Bess and Henry have been going through, I'm glad to see them get their mojo back. They've come through a rough patch and are experiencing the relief we all feel when we rediscover the joy. That rediscovery is written all over Bess' and Henry's faces in this scene. It's just the opener, only a few minutes long, but it tells us so much about where they are emotionally.

Then we see Bess and Henry discussing whether or not to sell the horse farm. Every time Bess makes an argument in one direction and Henry agrees with her, she immediately switches positions and argues the other side. When Henry protests, she tells him she's verbally processing. A great character cue...

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