Mad Men recap: 'New Business' feels like old news

April 13, 2015 9:16 PM

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Mad Men recap: 'New Business' feels like old news

Unfortunately, Mad Men saved one of its weakest episodes in a long time for its final season. At times, this week's "New Business" had the feeling of a bad piece of fan fiction, with ill-defined guest characters like Pima Ryan (Mimi Rogers) dominating the episode and pushing the central cast aide. I understand the desire to introduce a little new blood, and there's no reason that a one-off character can't be as important or interesting as a cast regular. But "New Business" was an episode without Sally Draper or Joan Harris or Ted Chaough or Jim Cutler, and with so few episodes left, it's frustrating to see Mad Men burning off a valuable hour on flat, one-dimensional archetypes.

By the end of last week's premiere, I was convinced that Mad Men was actually finished with Don's latest romantic obsession: Di (Elizabeth Reaser), the ominously named, thematically convenient waitress he swore he had met before. If only I'd been right. Di makes her unwelcome return in this week's "...

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