‘Mad Men’ Costume Designer Janie Bryant’s 7 Favorite Outfits

March 26, 2015 5:48 PM

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‘Mad Men’ Costume Designer Janie Bryant’s 7 Favorite Outfits

THE RETRO-CHIC DRAMA “Mad Men” is coming to an end this spring—severing our relationship with the motley crew of ad men and women who’ve schemed their way through advertising’s “creative revolution,” led by the elusive Don Draper (Jon Hamm). Janie Bryant, the show’s award-winning costume designer for all seven seasons, helped us learn to love—and loathe—this neo-Shakespearian family through her keen eye for fabric, texture, color and period-appropriate absurdity. Over the years, she’s found her costumes in various ways: purchasing some from vintage vendors across America, renting others from Hollywood costume houses; and, of course, designing original looks herself. Though she readily admits that her list of favorite outfits changes “regularly,” she spoke to us about these seven standouts on the eve of the final season of “Mad Men,” which premieres April 5.

Last season, perennial striver Peggy Olson found herself in the role of creative director when Don took a leave of absence. “When I got the script for this episode,” said Ms. Bryant, “I kept reading that scene and saying to myself, ‘Peggy’s got to be in pants.’ I felt at that moment, she had arrived...

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