‘Mad Men’: A Conversation: Mergers

May 27, 2013 4:37 AM

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‘Mad Men’: A Conversation: Mergers

Megan's producer Arlene visits her. They get a little drunk together, and Megan says that Don is not proud of her. Megan admits she feels lonely, and Arlene kisses her. Megan says that she is taking advantage of every private moment. Arlene tells her that Megan invited her over when her husband's away, there are two bottles of wine, and not to embarrass her.

Joan and Bob are packing to go to the beach together, and end up talking about Pete because he has a beach house. Joan realizes that he's the only person at the firm who's never broken a promise to her. The doorbell rings and it's Roger. He obviously bought something for Kevin and when Bob diplomati...

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