I'm In: Let's Talk About Dietary Supplements

August 19, 2014 2:39 PM

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I'm In: Let's Talk About Dietary Supplements

Times are good for probiotics. Fatty acid supplements -- those derived from fish and krill oils -- are struggling. Sports nutrition is on an upward trend (and has been for several years). Weight loss supplements -- Garcinia cambogia and green coffee beans in particular -- well, perhaps this category is best not mentioned right now. There is no escaping the fact that the dietary supplement industry has received a great deal of media attention over the past year. Much of this press has been negative, which is no doubt both confusing and troubling to a public that is seeking ways to stay healthy in a world facing a societal epidemic of chronic disease and personal disenchantment with today's medical treatment options, which often focus on treating the symptoms of illnesses rather than the core physiological imbalances that cause them.

And yet, as the article goes on to point out and illustrates in the graphic below, sales of supplements -- while definitely responsive to the ebb and flow of the press and its impact on the marketplace -- have not bottomed out and in fact industry growth continues.

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