Lulacruza Creates Unique Visual Album Esperando el Tsunami

February 16, 2015 2:25 PM

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Lulacruza Creates Unique Visual Album Esperando el Tsunami

Water is an elemental part of human existence, keeping us clean, hydrated and buoyant. We have manipulated it, polluted it, cleaned it and harnessed its power. Some live harmoniously with it while others usurp it. Colombian and Argentinian electro-shamanic duo Lulacruz do not only have a close relationship with water, but they have used it as an instrument in their music. Alejandra Ortiz from Colombia and Luis Maurette from Argentina have forged a truly one-of-a-kind musical project. While attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2005, a deep connection with ritual music brought them together. Blending ancient and native instruments with electronic folk music, Lulacruz brings the listener to their world using highly evocative beats and soothing vocals. The voice of Ortiz is delicate yet powerful as Spanish lyrics roll off of her tongue in undulating waves. Maurette's hypnotic percussion paired with his skillful electronic processing and sequencing brings the music to life. Entwining sounds of found objects into their tracks brings a rich texture to the aural palette. As musical alchemists, Ortiz and Maurette have acheived a harmonious balance between organic and inorganic sounds creating a truly shamanic sonic journey.

Lulacruza is not only unique in sound, but also unique in how this sound is delivered to the ears of its listeners. Joining forces with acclaimed director Vincent Moon, they will be releasing a nine song visual album titled Esperando el Tsunami in early March. The New York Times referred to Vincent ...

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