Low Semen Count Could Cause Other Health Problems In Men

December 13, 2014 8:42 PM

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Semen is a men’s reproductive fluid, which contains sperms. The man’s fertility is determined on the basis of the sperm mobility, number, and quality. If there is a deformity in any of these, then there is a probability of being infertile. As indicated by a late research, it is noted that men with lower sperm number, quality, or generation are liable to have other health problems like heart issues, hypertension, skin issue, hormonal irregularity, and a lot more. It is likewise contemplated that it is not because of the sperm defect that would bring up these issues, however the other way round. Usually, most of us are aware of the fact that defects in the sperm generation can prompt distinctive infertility issues, and treatment of this issue alone is taken. However, as per the scientists, men with these issues, initially need to go for a complete medical examination.

Around 9,000 men, who dreaded infertility issues, were investigated by the specialists of the Stanford University School of Medicine, and it is confirmed that men with low sperms had significant health problems concerning the heart and vascular imperfections. The investigation noted that issues with...

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