Loving Life in Full Bloom

February 11, 2015 6:30 PM

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Loving Life in Full Bloom

On St. Valentine's Day, we express our love to the special people in our lives. In my book Living Life in Full Bloom, you're invited to explore the pathways of "The Gardener" to cultivate intimacy with nature; "The Artist," to expand your creativity and imagination; "The Lover," to lead from your heart and commit to what you love; and "The Spirit-Weaver," to bring celebration, gratitude, and joyful spirit into each day.

#1: Live the way of love. Love is a way of being--a gift, but also a rigorous daily practice. Love is the compass to your destiny and your belonging. Love can help you ascend to great happiness and joy--and it can break your heart open. Love can be the light to guide you to experience a far greater ...

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