This is a Love Story | Marvi Lacar

September 10, 2014 10:51 AM

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This is a Love Story | Marvi Lacar

Papa I suspected that my father was manic-depressive after I started dating X. Both men were unpredictable, at times violent, thrilling and volatile but never dull. The only difference between my father and X was that X admitted he had the disorder; my father on the other hand would yell, "I'm not crazy!" after we found him sleeping on the bathroom floor because the marble tiles "felt cooler than the bed." How much of my father's dark moments were considered an episode or just plain flaw of character, I'll never know. He was never diagnosed.

My father was a brilliant sociologist. Charming yet too painfully manipulative to retain lasting relationships. He doted on me, but he was physically abusive to my mother. He was a polyglot whose vocabulary waned to a few choice disparaging words when his anger and paranoia took over. He taught me h...

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