Love in the Age of Sadness

August 15, 2014 6:46 PM

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Robin Williams’ death hit me hard. It hit a lot of people hard, people who had worked with him extensively, people who had passing professional relationships with him like myself, people who knew him only in the way that a celebrity is known by the general public. We all knew, to one degree or another, of his struggles with depression and with substance abuse, but that a man of such energy, such productivity, such genius could reach a point of suicide came as a shock. His death feels like a loss. His death by his own hand feels somehow like a betrayal, as though giving into the power of his darkest demons is something this wonderful man has done to us, rather than something he has done to himself or, even more accurately, simply done.

I have faced and continue to face my own battles with depression. I have felt the certainty that the world and my loved ones would be far better off without me, have made the shift from looking at the stack of bills and thinking about expensive things that I own and could sell to looking at the swi...

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