Love in Action: 50 Cent

March 27, 2015 8:39 PM

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50 Cent. The name brings to mind an image of one of the most famous American rappers of the last decade. Hearing the name 50 Cent brings to mind heavy handed lyrics about his life, his come-back from the brink of death, and, of course, your birthday. But the rap career and the headlines do not fully define the man. 50 Cent's philanthropic endeavors and his interest in conscious capitalism don't always get the same kind of press attention as his top charting hits.

"I grew up without money but I didn't grow up hungry," begins 50 Cent's PSA about the growing disaster of famine; a reference to the less than desirable conditions in which he grew up. 50 Cent never knew his father and his mother's murder when he was 8 years old left him to deal with emotions that m...

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