Love-Ability Factor | Leigh Weinraub

August 20, 2014 5:27 PM

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Love-Ability Factor | Leigh Weinraub

We all want security. In fact, as humans, it often becomes a primal and determined quest for many of us. We may partially seek it through money, beauty or achievements, but overwhelmingly the area where we really hope to find a sense of security is in our personal relationships. The assumption is "If I'm lovable, I'm safe." In order to up our love-ability quotient, we consciously or unconsciously engage in behaviors that we think will make us special and valued in the eyes of the world. In short, we see love-ability as something given to us by other people -- something we earn by being funny, pretty, successful or smart.

A bit disturbing, right? But in a way, it's natural we would think that. After all, we learn from earliest childhood that a certain set of behaviors creates a certain response in our parents, peers and teachers. Be fit, dress cute, get good grades, have a big personality and it all adds up to increa...

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