Lose Yourself Behind a Mask

October 30, 2014 7:51 PM

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Every culture and tradition around the world has masks, costumes, dances, puppets and ceremonial characters that teach or bring meaning to the community. In native traditions these are not considered performances to be watched, they are considered sacred or ceremonial aspects of life that the whole community participates in the magic of creating. Halloween, Feast of Fools, Day of The Dead, Carnival (Mardi Gras) are a few modern festivals that are rooted in this ancient and tribal heritage. The best part isn't to make yourself "look" different in a costume, it is to become something different and feel, sense, interact and role-play with the world from a completely different perspective.

The human psyche is complex and social conventions, inhibitions or restrictions often do not allow for the range of emotional expression and freedom that is necessary for a healthy life. Universal archetypes abound, but the masked fool (clown or trickster, shapeshifter) seems to be the best qualifie...

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