The Loophole That Denies Fighters Their 72 Virgins

February 6, 2015 5:53 PM

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Itai Anghel, an Isreali Jewish news correspondent and filmmaker with the balls the size of pumpkins, recently wandered into Syria and Iraq with a camera, and not much else, (no helmet, no bullet proof vest) to capture the front lines of the Kurdish fight against ISIS. No Free Steps to Heaven is an eye-opening, stomach-turning, bone-chilling account of the horrors currently taking place in the Middle East in the name of terrorism.

We actually couldn't watch the beginning of this 45-minute documentary, which includes excerpts of ISIS propaganda, and video featuring disturbingly brutal executions. But, if you start at minute 20, and go to about 38:22, you'll get an amazing (and not too graphically violent) story of the young fe...

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