Long Time Coming

December 22, 2014 2:59 PM

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Long Time Coming

After the insanity that was last week's -- and the week before -- episode, the "Homeland" finale begins at a much slower pace. Somber and back in the U.S., Carrie works with her sister to go through their father's things. As they discuss Carrie's mental state, a visitor suddenly shows up to see Carrie: Dar Adal. We all know now that Dar Adal is working with Haqqani -- for reasons hopefully to be revealed -- but Carrie has to play dumb here. He's still the CIA director and she can't let him know she saw him in Islamabad in the back of Haqqani's car. Dar Adal comes to her to discuss Quinn and ask if Carrie knows his whereabouts. She merely tells him she knows he's still in Pakistan and nothing else.

Carrie attempts to be a real mom and takes Franny to the park. While hanging out on a park bench, a kindly man stops by and recognizes the baby because he used to spend time with Frank, Carrie's father. They were "park friends," as Carrie called them. Carrie sadly tells him without telling him that ...

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