'The Loft' seems loftier, as a thriller, than it actually is

January 30, 2015 1:11 PM

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"The Loft" is a stylish whodunit that struggles to stitch the label "Hitchcockian" right on the inner pocket, where it would be on a man's sports coat. But a quick glance down at that label, underneath the pulsating violins, the supposedly twisty plot and the convenient apartment full of suspects, reveals it's just a cheap knock-off, probably misspelled to boot - "Hitchcopying."

It's about five upper income bracket pals who share a loft - not to live in, butfor their assignations. It's where these married men bring their "mistresses, girlfriends, one-night-stands" or, as a cop asking questions about it puts it, their "catch of the day."

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