I'll Be Me: Glen Campbell's Final Tour

November 11, 2014 10:06 PM

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Some 45 minutes into the exceptional new documentary I'll Be Me, U2 guitarist The Edge offers an opinion on the movie's subject, Glen Campbell. In 2011-2012, Campbell, despite being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, had been touring, performing to packed houses of loyal fans across the country. His performances were quite impressive, and The Edge noted that when he accessed the well-developed part of his brain that housed his musical ability, Campbell's functioning seemed to improve across the board. Now, to the best of my knowledge, The Edge is not a medical professional. But about a half later, one of the actual brain experts interviewed in the movie says essentially the same thing. There is a magic going on here in the mystery we call the brain. The disease may ravage, but music, at least temporarily, has the ability to heal.

When producer Trevor Albert was initially approached about doing a project around Campbell's farewell tour, he and directing partner James Keach had no interest. They were not documentarians. Albert had primarily been involved with comedies throughout his career, and Keach, though serving as a produ...

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