On Living With Depression, and the Dangers of Our Culture of Silence

October 16, 2014 6:03 PM

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Five times. That is the number of times that I have seriously thought about, and/or tried to end my life. I have been living with clinical depression since I was eleven years old, and I was formally diagnosed when I was sixteen years old. There are so many reasons I could give, for why it took so long for me to be formally diagnosed. But, the main and overriding reason is that the issue of mental illness is a taboo back home, in Nigeria, and even here, in Canada as well.

I came to Canada when I was fifteen years old, to continue, both my high school and my university education. I was enrolled in a private high school (that would remain unnamed for the purposes of this artcle), where I was to study for a year, before I moved on to study at McMaster University, where ...

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