How to Live Up to Your Dreams: 10 Strategies to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown

December 29, 2014 4:19 PM

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Fear in Sylvia's life is not so obvious. You wouldn't notice that she is afraid of taking actions. She does many things, travel, give courses, write books. But, deep inside Sylvia is skipping the things that she wants. She doesn't put 100-percent energy into things, just 30 percent. What she does on the current basis is good, probably good enough. But, it's not fulfilling her. She doesn't get enough joy and satisfaction from what she does, because Sylvia knows that she could do more things that she really wants to do. Or, do things differently if she would put more energy and focus on that.

Life is happening every moment, but what is happening is not completely her project. It's a mix of circumstances, good luck, and a bit of effort and personal charm, plus a good intuition about people and the right timing for things to start and to end. It's really good enough, and she could go on li...

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