Live SMARTer! | Kathy Gottberg

February 18, 2015 3:44 PM

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Live SMARTer! | Kathy Gottberg

Do you think you work too hard? You're not alone. Many people I talk to, especially those younger with families, report being over-worked, overwhelmed and clearly unable to take even a moment to pause and reflect on the direction of their life. We all know that chronic overwork increases our stress levels, endangers our physical health, triggers depression and decreases our "life satisfaction." So why do we continue to put in long hours? And what's the solution? It's likely that the simple answer is to work less and live SMARTer. In fact, there is evidence that working less not only increases the quality of an individual's life -- it is also much better for the entire planet.

If you are struggling for money, it might seem crazy to hear that working less will help. After all, our culture tends to look down on anyone who doesn't jump on the bandwagon with more and harder work when the going gets tough. But there is now plenty of evidence that people who cut back or lost th...

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