Live Purposely in the New Year

January 5, 2015 5:41 PM

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I was sitting with a client a few weeks ago -- someone I have known for some time. He is a hard-working professional, husband, and father. He was reflecting on the holidays and the stress in his home due to the loss of a close and loved family member, and the lingering feelings from a previous few years of more loss than one expects in such a short amount of time. He talked about how hard he is trying to support his wife and be patient with his kids. He is under a great deal of pressure at work and carries a lot of responsibility. He walks through the door each night with the goal of being present, patient, and enjoying positive interaction. He reflects on how hard it is to consistently carry out this goal.

As my client reflects, so do I. I reflect on the challenges of the night before in my home with my family. I reflect on the challenges an hour earlier getting my youngest to school (she had a rough morning reminiscent of prior years). I reflect on my similar intentions as I walk through the door eac...

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