How to Live Beyond the Fear of Ebola

October 20, 2014 12:54 PM

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How to Live Beyond the Fear of Ebola

Fear of Ebola is rampant. It is a living nightmare for countless people in West Africa, as well as those who are affected by it elsewhere. Many of us now fear planes, schools, hospitals, cruise ships and even getting sick. I worry about my spouse who does a lot of international business travel. Ebola is one of many fears about our world right now. How do we trust in our courage and compassion and live assured, confident lives? Unless you wish to be paralyzed by the fear, here are five steps for living beyond the fear of Ebola.

Why is living beyond the fear important? Fear is a real and valid response, but fearfulness is a pernicious way to be human, walling you off from the one life you have to live. Your fear permits the virus to attack you figuratively -- if you allow it to. These five tools will allow you to live beyon...

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