Little Cracks

November 14, 2014 6:40 PM

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I've been told: I'm just not a runner, it doesn't come naturally to me the way it does for you. I've been told this, a lot. And every time, I shake my head and want to show them what's in my heart, the moments I hold that only I have felt or experienced. Then they would know my secret: It doesn't come naturally to me, either. Running is hard. Though I get a lot of joy and peace from it, I also find it challenging, frustrating, difficult and sometimes, just really, really hard. But people don't get to see those moments. They see my highlight reel.

Crossing the line of my first ultra-marathon with a smile on my face. Or hearing about me completing another one. Or of my pace during my best half marathon and they assume it comes easy to me. Because they just saw my highlight reel. They didn't see the days I trained, day after day, week after wee...

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