Little Caesars Has Created a Bacon Wrapped Pizza and Yes, Your Arteries Just Clogged

February 18, 2015 9:39 PM

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As red-blooded Americans, we turn our nose up at any food product that's not wrapped in bacon. It's a crime against everything this country stands for and it's probably somewhere in the Constitution that items not wrapped in bacon must be dragged out into the town square and stoned. That's why you sometimes see photos in U.S History books of people throwing rocks at fried turkey legs…because of the lack of bacon.

But let us digress from this ridiculous, totally made up American history lesson to tell you about Little Caesars new pizza monstrosity. As you can probably tell by the photo, that is a pizza that's wrapped in bacon. That clenching you feel in your chest is probably your heart crying out in either p...

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