What was it like to work with Elvis Presley?

July 31, 2014 8:16 PM

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It was a unique experience. When I first came on the sound stage and met him for the first time, he was like a mannequin. He was sitting there, so still. He had such black hair and white skin and I thought, "Wow they have a mannequin that looks just like Elvis!" He got up, shook hands with me, and said "Nice to know you, Sir." He was just as polite and nice as he could be. We talked about a lot of different things.

He was interested in karate, which I had studied with Chuck Norris many years before. He was also interested in many of the books and writings I was involved in. He told me about his reading of Gibran's The Prophet. He told me certain things I had no idea I was going to use later.

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