What was it like to work with Bruce Lee?

July 29, 2014 7:33 PM

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I did a series called Longstreet with Jim Franciscus, Marilyn Mason, Peter Mark Richman and Ann Doran. Bruce was supposed to be in a lot of the episodes, but it was the first season, and as things worked out schedule-wise and availability-wise, he wasn't in as many episodes as we hoped. But, he was just a delight. You know the Pink Panther routines where the guys used to hide from each other and jump out of corners? I would walk into my office, totally innocent, and he'd be hiding behind the door and would grab me from behind. He was smaller than I was but extremely strong. He would wrap his arms around me and say, "I need more lines in the script!" and I would say, "Whatever you want."

Bruce was very bright, ambitious and funny. He knew where he was (he was in a very exalted place, obviously) and knew about the place he was in. But, we didn't work together often enough for me to form a close, real personal relationship with him. He wanted to work much more than we were able to hav...

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