Like Insane Father Like Insane Son In Solace For Tired Feet

August 11, 2014 6:56 AM

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This week, HBO’s The Leftovers avoided any and all instances of people dying of stone bludgeonings, and no animals were shot in the face. As a matter of fact, this episode was downright peachy in terms of emotional turmoil. Still, they just HAD to trash a library in the middle of the episode, leaving a bunch of poor innocent books and magazines strewn all over the place. All because Kevin Garvey Sr. wanted to find a specific issue of National Geographic. He could have just looked through them and carefully put aside the ones he didn’t need; instead, he scattered them around like sprinkles on a library floor-flavored cupcake and then broke a computer. He truly is a madman.

“Solace for Tired Feet” is an episode that is all about the connections between fathers and sons. Not in a universal sense, but very specifically how all three of the Garvey boys’ are linked together, whether it’s mentally or physically. Kevin Sr. flew the institutional coop, taking a quick detour t...

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