Light Wounds: a Film that Will Change Lives

November 25, 2014 4:15 PM

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Like all independent films getting Light Wounds made is not an easy task and it is only because of the dedication of individuals like director Max Leonida, actors and co-producers Jonathan Looper and Vadim Dardagani, and executive producer Franco Sama that it is being made at all. Leonida, whose recent film premiered at Cannes, has a career spanning over two decades. When asked why he signed on to make this film he said, "I have dedicated the past year to Light Wounds because my mission has always been to work on meaningful projects like this." He added, "It is such an important and timely subject and people must understand that the first place in which schizophrenia can be concretely addressed is the family itself." They are fortunate that Tommy Flanagan best known for his work in Sons of Anarchy and Sin City, has attached to play the role of the father, and Terry Serpico who was in the hit show Army Wives for seven seasons, also believes in the project and has signed on as well.

It is an important film for many reasons. It is based on the true experiences of a brave American veteran, Dustin DeMoss, who was willing to share his story about mental illness which nearly destroyed him and his family. Dustin believes and rightly so that by telling his story he can help many other...

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