Light Up the Darkness | Donna Jean Freberg

January 8, 2015 7:44 PM

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"2015" sounds very futuristic to me. Something about the 15 I think, it just has a sci-fi ring to it. In a kind of Ground Hog Day way the whole notion of a new year comes around, well, every new year. And every year in January I think and write about how we might all gracefully step into that new threshold in the best ways possible. But this year I've had a hard time with it, every thought I've had felt stale, overwrought, like it had all been said before ad nauseam. I had made the enlightened switch from 'resolutions' to 'intentions' years ago and usually speak easily from my heart about my own ideas regarding how I am thinking about approaching it all. But this year I have been stuck, I don't seem to have it in me to list my desired changes and say 'happy new year' without taking a pause, a beat, a breath...and unravel a bit of why I've felt so stymied.

The truth is that 2014 was a brutal year in many ways. Globally there were so many tragedies and horrors, far too many to go through individually, but the feeling of it is clear in my being. Empty. Dark. Disillusioned. Women and children, and so many human beings, suffering unspeakable horrors. Then...

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