Light As Air | Melissa Gould

February 25, 2015 7:42 PM

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Light As Air | Melissa Gould

I came across a video of my daughter recently, grabbing one of what seemed like a hundred balloons, scattered above the ceiling behind her. She untied the end, inhaled deeply, then spoke in a silly, helium-infused voice. She was maybe 10 years old, we were all laughing on the video, her father still with us. I paused the image, and I thought, I want to be as light as those balloons.

Except for videos and photos, I will never see my husband again. Maybe when I die, he'll be waiting for me in the white light. He'll be young still. His green eyes twinkling. I will be old. At least I think I will. I've learned that death can't be predicted, even when the doctors are telling you, "Y...

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