Life Is the Ultimate Team Sport

November 12, 2014 3:01 PM

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Whether it be as aggressive as football or as passive as chess, playing in the game of life can be challenging. It takes wit, focus, determination and perseverance to win the ultimate challenges that life presents. We do have the home field advantage though, as we are the ones who pick the game, the rules and the stadium. We get to pick our teams, our uniforms and our coaches. And then we dare the universe to actually bring us our challenger. And that challenger may come in many forms. As little and as fragile as a newborn baby to as big as Mother Nature's wrath, we strive to succeed, rise above circumstances and achieve the impossible.

The good news is that in life the cards are actually stacked in our favor. We can all agree that after every storm the waters subside and the sun does come out again. After every land fire, although the once beautiful green forest appears to be black and charred, shortly thereafter as we look closel...

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