Life: Subject to Change Without Notice

August 11, 2014 8:24 PM

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Sometimes, an "aha" moment can be glorious, ushering in a transcendental shift, where ignorance turns to bliss. Sometimes these are glorious; other times, not so much. Take, for example, the viral video of Sadie, who, when I watched, had been seen over 22.5 million times. This under-a-minute video is mostly the inconsolable wailing of a distraught little girl, which normally wouldn't engender such a massive following. After all, we witness crying children all the time -- at the grocery store, sitting next to us on airplanes, at our previously peaceful dinner tables. I don't think Sadie crying is what has drawn millions to this video; the draw, I think, is what she's crying about.

Sadie is crying because she's just had not a glorious "aha" moment, but a profoundly troubling one. Sitting next to Sadie on the floor is her Cabbage-Patch-cute baby brother and Sadie has just put the distressingly two-and-two together that this little cherub next to her is not going to stay that wa...

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