Life of an Illustrator Living in a Barn in the Woods

September 25, 2014 5:00 PM

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Life of an Illustrator Living in a Barn in the Woods

Global Yodel caught up with illustrator Andrew Groves who lives in a barn in the woods in Wiston, UK. Here he creates images and makes objects for clients and personal projects. Natural phenomena, wilderness exploration, and adventure are common themes in his work. When he isn't creating awesome illustrations for Global Yodel and clients around the world, you can find Andrew running Miscellaneous Adventures, a craft project showcasing and selling handmade wooden objects and outdoor accessories, or teaching fellow creatives how to make their own things from wood in regular outdoor workshops.

Tell us about the Travel Inspiration Illustration you did for Global Yodel: I originally chose 'Go Forth' as I liked the shape the words make together, which gave me the idea for the composition. I also like the saying and try and encourage myself to go forth as much as possible.

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