Life Goes On (And On) In 'The Age Of Adaline'

April 23, 2015 9:03 PM

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In 1935, a 27-year-old Californian named Adaline was struck by lightning after driving off a cliff during a snowstorm. Thus, according to the magical properties of movie lightning strikes, she became immortal. More specifically, as The Age of Adaline's narrator says over the inky-dark rendition of her fateful incident, she became "immune to the ravages of time," so that even 80 years on, she can still possess the effervescent good looks and charm of Gossip Girl's Blake Lively. Adaline's also immune to the ravages of changing taste. No matter the era, her fashion sense is impeccable, as evidenced in quick flashbacks (a showcase for costume designer Angus Strathie) and a vintage ballroom photo that could have come out of The Shining.

With a mid-Atlantic affect matching the era she was frozen in, Lively gives a convincingly weary performance that hints at more depth than the script can provide. She unlocks our innate curiosity about a character like this, who has so much time laid out in front of her, who moves and changes her id...

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