A Life Comes Shining Through

November 6, 2014 8:37 PM

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A Life Comes Shining Through

Recently I sat in front of a microphone for a four-hour interview. It was exhausting, but also very illuminating. There were tears and laughter, quiet whispers of pain revisited and heart-held sorrow openly revealed. I was asked about my life's journey thus far. And I willingly answered, believing I was the giver in the equation. A funny thing happened as the interview went on, I became the receiver. I became the receiver of my own life -- as the truth of my own journey came shining through.

For the last number of years I have been on a mission of conscious change and inner growth. I thought I'd walked away from the old me as I worked to create a totally new version of myself. Not so! As listened to myself tell my story, I began to see and feel all of who I am -- child, young adult, sel...

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