Life Between Curfews and Kids

April 9, 2015 3:12 PM

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"The years between curfews and kids are the most difficult to manage my weight," said a young 30-something professional woman whom I have been seeing to help her with her wellness and weight loss. I am 20-something years ahead of her, and the truth is, whenever there is a change in lifestyle, if you are not mindful of your eating, there is also a change in body weight. Too often that change is weight gain. But her comment, '"Years between curfews and kids" needs to be explored.

For many young adults, curfews end when college begins. Many go away to school and experience freedom from parents and rules. There is dorm living, a reinvention of self, and food that is mass-produced for all students, not to mention the alcohol. Many students experience the, "Freshman 15"the weigh...

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