Liam Neeson Is The Last Action Hero

February 25, 2014 5:53 PM

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This Friday sees the release of Liam Neeson’s newest action-thriller Non-Stop. In the Universal Pictures (a division of Comcast Comcast) release, 61-year old and 6’4″ actor stars as an air marshal who must stop a killer aboard a crowded commercial airline. I’ve avoided most of the marketing, but I can presume when I see it tonight that it will involve Neeson barking at people and kicking a certain amount of righteous butt. The $50 million production is predicted to open with around $25 million for the weekend. What’s notable is that the vast majority of its audiences will be showing up for the express purpose of watching Neeson beat people up and/or shoot at them. Non-Stop isn’t just an action film, it’s a Liam Neeson action film. In an era when the stand-alone action hero movie star is all-but-extinct, Neeson is perhaps the last man standing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone both bombed hard last year in the surprisingly good The Last Stand (Lionsgate, a division of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.) and the mediocre Bullet to the Head (Warner Bros., a division of Time Warner) respectively, while their so-so team-up film Escape ...

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