Liam Neeson will also be in Ted 2, obviously

September 25, 2014 5:10 AM

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Liam Neeson will also be in Ted 2, obviously

For more than a dozen years now, Antoine Fuqua has been dining out on the success of his most acclaimed movie: Each new project comes touted as “from the director of Training Day,” perhaps because nothing Fuqua’s made since—not the Bruce Willis vehicle Tears Of The Sun, not the failed franchise launcher King Arthur, certainly not last year’s lousy Olympus Has Fallen—counts as an enticing proof of talent. In the case of his latest, The Equalizer, the career callback is a little more applicable. After all, the film does reunite its maker with his Oscar-winning Training Day star, Denzel Washington. Alas, the relative complexity both men brought to their previous collaboration is almost nowhere to be found in this jacked-up vigilante fantasy. It’s just more joyless junk, another title to bury at the bottom of Fuqua’s resume.

As in Training Day, Denzel plays a character whose motives and true nature are meant to be unclear at the onset, though even those who walk in completely blind should have no trouble seeing the lion hiding within the lamb. For a while, Robert (Washington) does nothing but sulk around Boston, burying...

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