Lewis & Clarke Discover Redemption

September 17, 2014 2:02 PM

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Lewis & Clarke Discover Redemption

There are hells from which some never emerge, anguishes so insidious they leech the spirit of its purpose and pleasure until the mind resigns itself to a sorrow so permanent no joy can crack its carapace. For two years I mucked through such a hell, one wrought by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and co-occurring depression that nearly cost me my graduate degree, my art and, twice, my life. It's why I haven't written a piece for HP in so long, and why I spent the teeth of last year's football season at a clinic in rural Wisconsin. I overcame the sickness, some don't and it's a crime. Yet, perhaps surviving oblivion--and the grave recognition that some, in fact, do not--fosters a deeper, more earnest appreciation for the redemptive--that being the soul's reassertion of itself; its conquest over, and adamant refusal of, the blackness that can so oppress. In the case of musician Lou Rogai this redemption takes the form of a double LP three years in the making. It's called Triumvirate, and it is gorgeous, and it is heartbreaking, and it reminds one that grace exists in this life if we have the dogged strength to finally find it.

Lewis & Clarke is Lou Rogai, of that there can be no doubt. Though he's played under the moniker since 2003 with a shifting cast of accompanists (most notably the gifted O'Hara brothers, Ian and Shane), Rogai has always been the project's beating heart and sole songwriter. The music is his. I met Ro...

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