Letting Mindfulness Change Your Life

February 2, 2015 7:54 PM

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Mindfulness is an area that is creating an extraordinary amount of attention these days. From the impact of mindfulness on the Seattle Seahawks, to boosting test scores, and improving cardiovascular health, we are made aware of the vast array of benefits from almost every corner of society. The Mayo Clinic is even on board, listing the benefits of a mindfulness practice as reduced stress, anxiety and depression, less rumination, and improved mood and focus. When you put it this way, my question becomes: In what area of society would mindfulness not be of benefit?

Educators, athletes, corporate executives, individuals serving jail time, people with a history of abuse in their lives, and even your traditional soccer mom all experience periods of stress, frustration, anxiety, anger, and worry. And for all of these people, a consistent mindfulness practice would...

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