Letting Go of 'Perfect' For a Puppy

October 7, 2014 6:53 PM

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Letting Go of 'Perfect' For a Puppy

I have spent the past three years saying NO to my boyfriend, then fiancé and now husband's "Can we please get a dog?" I said it so many times that I just stopped saying it and created a look that communicated the same message. It was not a pleasant look. When I had the energy, I would follow up with "We don't have time for a dog" or "I can't handle any distractions right now" or "Should we really get a dog if we're supposed to be saving for a house?"

But I did not say the truth: I don't want a dog because it will disrupt the structured, controlled, organized and emotionally neutral life I've created to keep myself safe and sound. I didn't say that because it's a terrible thing to say. It sounds selfish, short-sighted and cowardly -- three things...

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