A Letter To My Child With Autism's Pediatrician

September 11, 2014 2:33 PM

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A Letter To My Child With Autism's Pediatrician

It's not like I hadn't heard of you before we walked into your office that day. Your reputation as the best developmental pediatrician around is why we stood in front of you. I had done the research on you, both professional and personal. I knew who I was looking at but I still stared a little too long during our greeting in the hospital lobby. I wanted to really understand the woman who held so much power over our world. The hospital lobby was drab and dated. It crossed my mind that the hospital was desperately overdue for a makeover. I escaped my current situation and imagined the steel and glass it would take to update the entire structure. I became abnormally interested in the architecture of the hospital as you and Alex exchanged pleasantries. I was safe as long as I stood and stared at the "modern" design of an architect who peaked in the '80s. I didn't want to move toward the elevator as I would then be committed to this assessment but when Alex readily stepped in behind you we were on the move. I stepped carefully along the yellow line that led patients to the X-ray departments? Specimen Collection? Wherever. It was broken in spots from years of people dragging their feet along it. When we reached the elevator I lingered on this line a little too long. You and Alex moved swiftly into the waiting elevator. Kate happy to be in Alex's arms clutching her Buzz Lightyear. I reluctantly stepped off the line and into the elevator.

You were smiling at Kate. She smiled back. The elevators had mirrors inside so I was able to surreptitiously watch you interact with Kate. I took in your makeup-less face. Good, I thought. She is such a scholar that she has no time for trivial things like cosmetics. Surely, an intellect like her wou...

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